Check out this handsome little buddy!

Despite the frightful weather we experienced on Halloween this year, we managed to capture some pretty good lookin' images of one of our favorite little guys. Mason wasn't too warm to the idea of having his own photo shoot but once we let him play around in the leaves, he became a lot more comfortable and we were able to snap a ton of smiles and genuine reactions to his Mom and Dad goofing around.

Even with the early snowfall across North Dakota, October continued to create beautiful light through the trees and the long grass. It may have been below 40 degrees regularly the past couple weeks, but you would never guess it by the visual warmth in these images.

As the temperatures continue to drop, Zachary Lucy Photography is keeping that in mind with a couple of planned mini sessions that will be rolling out tomorrow, Monday, November 2. We'll be doing hot chocolate sessions with your kiddos, bundling up with a large, fluffy red plaid throw, and possibly including an indoor location with a fireplace. To stay tuned for updates, be sure to follow Zachary Lucy Photography on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM, great places to share our news with your friends and family.

We hope to see you soon!