What a busy month...

...it's been for us around the Fargo-Moorhead area. I think I can thank the weather for that. When it's 40-50 degrees in North Dakota in late November-early December, you take advantage of it. That's what a lot of families have done the past few weeks in preparation for the Holiday Season. Come to think of it, when I receive a Christmas or Holiday card from someone in North Dakota, the image is often from the summer or early fall. Not this year!

The Crass Family filled one of the fifteen-minute mini-session spots at the end of November and we created some images that really stand out. It was fun to meet a family that was relatively new to the F-M area and just hang out for a little while. It was an easy session from beginning to end - something every photographer and family hopes for. I think we nailed it.

Why don't I just quit babbling and show you some of the pictures...here we go!