Corporate Event Coverage

with Zachary Lucy Photography

Zachary Lucy Photography can cover all of your corporate needs including ribbon cutting and other ceremonies.
Zachary Lucy Photography can cover all of your corporate needs including expo halls, meetings, and guest speakers.


...and you don't have time in your schedule to be worrying about who's documenting your event. Whether it's a multi-day convention held in Las Vegas or a golf tournament in the Midwest, Zachary Lucy Photography has the experience to put your mind at ease.

You need images to push through social media as the day goes on. You also need to show sponsors their brand is being promoted throughout the halls of your convention. You'll also need imagery to advertise for next year's (and future) events. As long as there's an itinerary and a general idea of what the client's needs are, I have no problem meeting - and exceeding - those expectations.

Besides the execution on game day(s), planning is the most crucial part of the process. I will work with you to coordinate Zoom meetings to make sure we're on the same page as we discuss the schedule of your event, the layout of the facilities, and get a good understanding of what will happen when and where. There may be important moments that overlap on the itinerary and that's where planning will be our best friend.

If your event covers multiple days, requested highlights will be uploaded daily to a secure gallery to be used beginning the next morning. The remainder of the images will be edited and returned to you within (7) days of the events closing remarks. It's important for me to know which images will be needed on a daily basis so that will be one of the pieces discussed as we put our puzzle together.

Zachary Lucy Photography has covered events in 19 states across the country and is easy to work with in terms of travel. Need me there a day early? No problem. Need me to stay an extra day and get images transferred to your hard drive? We can do that. Whatever it is you need me to do, let's get together on a Zoom call and put your plan in motion.