Youth, Amateur, and Professional Sports Photos

with Zachary Lucy Photography

Alex Jackson of the Atlanta Braves hits a home run during an Arizona Fall League game in Mesa, Arizona.
Ronald Acuña Jr. of the Atlanta Braves hits a home run during an Arizona Fall League game in Peoria, Arizona.
Fargo native and Arizona Diamondbacks infielder Andrew Andy Young throws a ball during an Arizona Fall League game.


...and once the moment has passed, it's gone. Forever. With a background in professional baseball photography, Zachary Lucy Photography understands things happen quickly and if you're out of place or looking in the wrong direction, you're gonna miss your shot. Let me capture the big moments for you while you watch your child as they achieve their success. Not only will you get to watch it as it happens and create an incredible memory for yourself, but I'll be there capturing the moment to be displayed forever - to serve as a visual aid when you tell your stories over, and over, and over again as a proud parent.

Maybe you're a parent of a youth athlete but they don't play baseball or softball. Then what? As a former four-sport high school athlete (football, baseball, basketball, and diving) and having photographed soccer, volleyball, and tennis, I have a great understanding of the timing and positioning required to document them all. Add that with my professional sports experience and you're going to be presented with images worthy of submission to Sports Illustrated.

All images are captured large enough to be used in poster format, sometimes bigger - I've had my images used on billboards and the sides of buildings. Your gallery will come with a store full of printing options for your choosing. Posters, 8x10s, canvas - whatever you need to decorate your living room, hallway, and your child's room. Oh, don't forget a photo for the office so you can brag a little bit.

If you're an athletic director, sports information director, or media relations for collegiate, amateur, or professional levels, please contact me below.